Molly Moth goes west
old damp train goes west

Molly Moth was heading west. She didn't have close relations, nor any obligations to hold her. At 36 years old, she had decided to pack all her belongings, and search her luck at the newly established school of telegraphers, right at the midwestern frontier. It was situated in the very town, where the intercontinental railroad so far had reached, and the small towns that popped up as the frontier moved on, were in desperate need of telagraphers, as off course, were the railroad company.

train movie

After struggling through the Appalachians, the train followed the remaining, gentle slopes downhill, and finally entered the vast prairie of the midwest. Every once in a while, Molly spotted people in the widestretched land. Other pioneers heading west, and in one place there were even some tipies. After hours and hours, they were getting closer. And at last, they saw working men putting up telegraph poles! They had arrived at the very frontier.

Molly had arranged lodgings
from home:

" Lonely house,
At the very end of
Dirt Road to Outskirts,
....Town "

Molly finds her house

At dusk, Molly found her house. It was the last building before the vast prairie.
"Perfect" Mary smirked. She couldn't have found a more suitable home...

The next day, Molly went for the first time to the Telegrapher's School. It was an old saloon, that was now filled with all sorts of useful equipment. Molly couldn't wait to learn about the modern telegraph system.

Molly is studying hard

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There were loads to learn. Molly studied, and studied, and studied... And studied some more. And studied, and studied. And studied, and learned absolutely everything that was to know about modern day communication technologies.

mysterious light from Mollys house

Molly was a loner, and kept to herself. At night, the occasional passer-by noticed strange lights and sound coming from Lonely House, at Dirt Road to Outskirts. Rumours about the slightly old telegraphy student, started to murmur around town. But here at the frontier, people were used to all kinds of lost souls, so they basically let Molly to herself.

a storm is building up

By the end of june, it was very hot. Storm clouds were building up, promising wild weather.

molly goes out

Molly decided to go out, she couldn't resist such an adventurous opportunity. She was bringing a mysterious machine with her, wearing antennas on her head...

molly gets her storm

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Molly walked further and further away from ...Town. Truly fascinated of Nature's own drama, but not completely aware of the potential danger that lured in this very storm. The conditions for her testing were absoutely perfect, she thought, drawn in to the heart of the magnificient storm like a magnet...

the whole town is out

Molly had finally got her break-through. "Ladies & gentlemen, may I introduce: The Tele-horn! Revolutionizing the communication of the whole prairie, and soon even - who knows where?"

Very satisfied with the outcome of her invention, but however restless at heart, Molly decided that it was time to board another train.